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News related to Anti-Asian Violence, the Asian-American community, seniors, AAPI society, and solidarity actions. This is an umbrella category for timely events that intersect with more specific categories.

Mass Shootings in Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay and Oakland

Horrific violence puts halt to Lunar New Year Celebrations in Monterey Park, CA The 72-year-old suspect has died following Saturday night’s mass shooting. By Morgan Winsor,Emily Shapiro,Ivan Pereira,Teddy Grant, andKevin Shalvey Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 6:23 PM ET Eleven people were killed and nine others were injured by a gunman who opened fire at… Read more »

Justice for Roques Community Celebration

December 17, 2022: Community Event to Celebrate and Reaffirm Commitment to Win Justice for Roques! On a holiday season afternoon at The Robinson S.P.A.C.E. in historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles, participants and supporters of the #JusticeForRoques campaign came together to share stories, lessons and fun to support the Roque family in their effort to win justice… Read more »

Anti-Asian Hate Crime Data May Represent Only a Fraction of Actual Cases

March 28, 2022 Rally in Carson

Neighborhood Safety Companions knows this to be a FACT based upon our direct polling of residents, business owners, workers and street vendors in the Koreatown area. When we visit with seniors in various senior housing complexes or interact with both housed and unhoused community members – none of the hate crimes that people have shared… Read more »

Public Officials and Organizations Distance Themselves from James Mai

james mai

What was controversial about James Mai? Alleged hateful statements toward South Asians from the founder of “AAPI United” come to light. Public officials and organizations pulled out of AAPI United’s “Unite for Progress”, an event to bring attention to anti-Asian hate, and part of a larger general #StopAsianHate movement, after they learned of screenshots showing… Read more »

Oct. 1: Renaming Ceremony of Vicha Ratanapakdee Way


Join us Oct. 1 for the renaming ceremony of “Vicha Ratanapakdee Way” in remembrance of 84-year old Thai grandpa Vicha, who perished on Jan. 30, 2021 after an unprovoked attack. His daughter Monthanus Ratanpakdee, carries on his legacy in pursuing justice and making his image a symbol of the rising Asian American movement. Join us… Read more »

Poll finds Asian Americans feel less safe in S.F. than other groups

San Francisco poll - Asians feel less safe Jade Le has lived in the Tenderloin for 11 years and loves her San Francisco neighborhood. But it’s now in the worst state that she’s ever seen, particularly in terms of safety. Le, who is Vietnamese and Chinese, said she was assaulted four times near her home during the pandemic — punched in the… Read more »