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News related to Anti-Asian Violence, the Asian-American community, seniors, AAPI society, and solidarity actions. This is an umbrella category for timely events that intersect with more specific categories.

Konko Buddhist Church in Boyle Heights Struck by Arson – AGAIN

Read the coverage in Rafu Shimpo: It has only been 9 months since a fire was set at this community church, but the cowardly attacks resurface again – we must remain vigilant…our peoples and institutions continue to be the targets of violence. For the second time this year, Konko Church of Los Angeles, located… Read more »

Asian woman is robbed and pushed onto the subway tracks in NYC’s Times Square Interesting that several U.S. press outlets do not mention the ethnicity of the victim. Is it proper for them to presume that this is not relevant to the story? How does an editorial board of a media organization draw that conclusion in decisive fashion? E.g., in this piece perhaps you can deduce that the… Read more »

Judge Promotes “Fresh off the Boat” Stereotype

‘How not to be a good judge’: Kyle Rittenhouse judge draws new backlash with ‘Asian food’ joke Bruce Schroeder, the judge presiding over Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial, continues to draw attention, criticism and accusations of bias. On Thursday he attempted a joke in response to an inquiry about a lunch break: “I hope the Asian… Read more »

Asian Woman Viciously Attacked in Front of Her Queens Home Receives Outpouring of Support and Donations

By Ruth Bashinsky First Published November 29, 2022 A 62-year-old Asian woman described as a “gentle” person who “helps everybody” was brutally attacked outside of her Queens home in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime, according to published news reports. GuiYing Ma was attacked on Friday, allegedly by Elisaul Perez, 33, who is accused… Read more »

Koreatown assault victim terrified – suspect released within hours of arrest

This incident occurred within the neighborhood walk perimeter of covered by Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC). Seniors have asked NSC to walk the area. Story: KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A 70-year-old Asian American man who was violently attacked in Koreatown is afraid his assailant could target him again after the suspect was released just… Read more »

“How to Report a Hate Crime” Booklets by Esther Lim Since the launch of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC), we have been distributing Esther Lim’s wonderful booklet to residents, street vendors, unhoused neighbors and small business people throughout Koreatown. Other community safety groups similar to NSC across the country have been doing the same. Please donate so that Esther can keep producing these informative, multilingual… Read more »

LA County Posts Largest Number Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Since 2001

By  Josie Huang Published Oct 21, 2021 2:59 PM To view the 2020 anti-Asian Hate Crime Report, RIGHT-click here to download the PDF. The larger LA County’s annual Hate Crime Report, to include all reported hate crimes in LA County, will be released in November. MORE COVERAGE OF THE REPORT:… Read more »