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News related to Anti-Asian Violence, the Asian-American community, seniors, AAPI society, and solidarity actions. This is an umbrella category for timely events that intersect with more specific categories.

Mosque in Koreatown vandalized during Ramadan

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) welcomes a hate-crimes investigation UPDATE April 11, 2023:  A hate-crime suspect wanted for allegedly defacing a mosque and Islamic cultural center in the Koreatown area early Easter Sunday morning was arrested, Los Angeles police confirmed Tuesday morning.  “This individual has been identified as Carlos Moran, 43 years of age, a… Read more »

Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) endorses AB 360 to ban the term “Excited Delirium” from being used as a cause of death

‘Excited delirium’ theory used in Antioch death is racist and unscientific. Support the Justice for Angelo Quinto campaign to win AB 360! The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization, Physicians for Human Rights, have all determined that the term to justify police killings of civilians is not scientific. Yet, public agencies continue… Read more »

News about Asians and Pacific Islanders

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Fil-Am photojournalist goes from observer of anti-Asian attacks to survivor

nicanor and julienne arriola

Help an elderly Filipino couple recover from a racist attack On February 1, Nicanor and Julienne Arriola were brutally attacked in front of the California State Capitol by a man who then fled in a getaway car driven by an accomplice. Because of their severe wounds, including Nicanor’s six broken ribs and Julienne’s injured knees,… Read more »

Leslie Kong tricolor

Everyone knows Bob Marley, and millions know of Jimmy Cliff, but far fewer know about Leslie Kong, the Chinese Jamaican recording engineer and producer who really helped create the 1960s ska, rocksteady, and reggae sound. Kong and Cliff teamed up to form Beverly’s record label. Cliff was the first artist, and also acted as an… Read more »