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News related to Anti-Asian Violence, the Asian-American community, seniors, AAPI society, and solidarity actions. This is an umbrella category for timely events that intersect with more specific categories.

Donate to Community Safety Efforts Today!

Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) is part of a national, volunteer neighborhood safety walks effort to mitigate the damage being caused by still-rising anti-Asian violence. Personal safety alarms, pepper spray, personal hygiene items for un-housed neighbors, self-defense trainings, “how to report hate crimes” booklets, miscellaneous printing and publicity expenses…these things cost money. We are in the… Read more »

State and Federal Funding Should Be Directed Towards Victims and Families and Community Safety Efforts

Asian American coverage on NBC News

The existing infrastructure primarily supports already over-bloated policing budgets and post-facto “research” about reporting. Victims of hate crimes violence and their families should not have to rely upon Go Fund Me pages to pay for medical expenses. Volunteer forces working to build community-based safety efforts should not have to rely on out-of-pocket donations alone to… Read more »

아시아계 증오범죄 규탄 시 – (Condemning Asian hate crimes)

Korean Daily Coverage of February 16 Solidarity Event to Honor Victims of Anti-Asian Violence “증오범죄라는 바이러스와 싸우고 이웃끼리 따뜻한 웃음을 되찾읍시다!” “Let’s fight the virus of hate crime and bring back warm smiles among our neighbors!” 지난 16일 오후 6시 LA한인타운 6가와 사우스 켄모어 애비뉴에는 한인 등 50여 명이 모여 아시아계 증오범죄를 규탄하고 희생자를 추모하는… Read more »

Second Asian Massage Worker Murdered in Albuquerque in One Month

Only one month shy of the 1-year anniversary of the white supremacist mass murder in an Atlanta spa… AsAmNewsBy Ross Killion, AsAmNews Staff Writer For the second time in under four weeks, an Asian woman was murdered while working at a massage studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The victim has been identified as Mary Ye,… Read more »

Biden Signs COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act Into Law

Congresswoman Grace Meng

The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act provides $30 million to community groups for engagement, empowerment and education in order to address the rise in hate and violence Community-based organizations and civil rights groups can use the funds for:   Implementing and facilitating educational classes and community services for defendants convicted of hate crimes (directly related… Read more »

KtownForAll Releases 2021 Los Angeles City Council Report Card

KtownForAll-Report Card Presenting the first annual Ktown For All Councilmember Report Card. “Our goal in evaluating the performance of city councilmembers is to educate the public and provide useful information about how LA city government works (or doesn’t). We hope to continue this project, tracking councilmembers’ records over time, and using the data to hold politicians… Read more »