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Contact the Los Angeles District Attorney to Demand Justice!

8:30 AM, Friday, September 30 – – Come show support!
14400 Erwin St. Mall Van Nuys CA 91401

NSC is working in coalition with Filipino Migrant Center, NAFCON of Southern CA, Migrante of Los Angeles, Anakbayan of Southern CA, Gabriela Los Angeles, Nikkei Progressives and others to keep white supremacist Nicholas Weber off of the streets and to pressure District Attorney George Gascón and his office to do more than just making verbal promises.

Visit the Filipino Migrant Center support page to find out how to take action. In particular, help us get more organizations to sign on to the letter to District Attorney Gascón to pursue a full investigation.

Donate to help the family (e.g. they are having to take unpaid leave to show up for court dates). Sign-up as a supporter to be put on an email list to receive updates about the campaign. Spread the word about this case, which has implications for all Asian Americans being targeted for violence.

Join Neighborhood Safety Companions’ Justice for Roques as a volunteer. Take this opportunity to work to fight against anti-Asian violence.

August 19 update:

Community conversation with Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney, Paul C. Kim

For over a month, the Roque family and community had been awaiting the August 19 court hearing. Following a pre-rally which included statements by various organizations, the family and supporters wearing new “Support the Roques” t-shirts packed the courtroom. The accused attacker, Nicholas Weber had not met bail and was present. All were perplexed when the only thing that transpired was reaching agreement on a new court date, September 30. The explanation was that the Public Defender’s office needed time to review the evidence held by the D.A.’s office. The Roque family questioned why it was taking so long to get them materials that they have had for over a month. Attorney Kim replied that they are working with LAPD to have the video from the incident “enhanced.”

THE NEXT COURT DATE IS SET FOR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30. The #JusticeForRoques campaign will use this time to continue outreach and building support for this important fight.

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July 11 UPDATES:

On Monday, July 11, at 7:00 AM a community press conference was held at Van Nuys Courthouse West (14400 Erwin St, Van Nuys, CA 91401), just ahead of an arraignment hearing, with Weber present.

Neighborhood Safety Companions support statement at the July 11 press conference.

Nicholas Weber has been charged with battery and a hate crime in relation to the May 13, 2022 attack on the Roque family in North Hollywood, CA.

With dozens of supporters in attendance, Weber was arraigned on July 11, 2022. To the relief of the family, the suspect was NOT released on his “own recognizance.” The Deputy District Attorney (DDA) attorney, Paul C. Kim, submitted a request for a court-ordered 5-block protective, restricted area around the Roque family residence, to be in force in the event that Weber meets the $153,000 bail. In the event Weber meets bail, he will not have legal access to this area. The judge signed off on the restricted area order. After the arraignment, DDA attorney Kim stated that he will be pursuing Felony Battery charges.

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The next court date for the Weber hate crime assault on the Roque family is set for AUGUST 19.

For Asian Americans and the still-growing trend of racist violence they face, this case has obvious implications: Will the criminal justice and legal system, from the Los Angeles Police Department, who failed to arrive on scene in timely fashion and released Weber on the night of the attack, to the County Sheriff Department to the District Attorney office and the Judicial system deliver justice and protection to Asian peoples facing threat of violence from white supremacists like Nicholas Weber and others?

Help us monitor the custody status of this violent assailant. We must support the safety of the family in the event of his meeting bail and being released from jail.

LA County Sheriff Inmate Locator:

ENTER: Last Name: Weber; First Name: Nicholas; Date of Birth: 11/06/1990

See “Booking Number” 6402918,

Find case information here:
Case No. LA097021 (Roque Family Case)

Please consider supporting the Roque family with a donation (family members have been taking unpaid leave from their jobs to attend court hearings). They need follow-up medical and psychological trauma support as well:

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