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Anti-Asian Hate Crime Data May Represent Only a Fraction of Actual Cases

March 28, 2022 Rally in Carson

Neighborhood Safety Companions knows this to be a FACT based upon our direct polling of residents, business owners, workers and street vendors in the Koreatown area. When we visit with seniors in various senior housing complexes or interact with both housed and unhoused community members – none of the hate crimes that people have shared… Read more »

Donate to Community Safety Efforts Today!

Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) is part of a national, volunteer neighborhood safety walks effort to mitigate the damage being caused by still-rising anti-Asian violence. Personal safety alarms, pepper spray, personal hygiene items for un-housed neighbors, self-defense trainings, “how to report hate crimes” booklets, miscellaneous printing and publicity expenses…these things cost money. We are in the… Read more »

State and Federal Funding Should Be Directed Towards Victims and Families and Community Safety Efforts

Asian American coverage on NBC News

The existing infrastructure primarily supports already over-bloated policing budgets and post-facto “research” about reporting. Victims of hate crimes violence and their families should not have to rely upon Go Fund Me pages to pay for medical expenses. Volunteer forces working to build community-based safety efforts should not have to rely on out-of-pocket donations alone to… Read more »

Asian-owned businesses say they’re reeling from hate and violence, operating in fear

Asian American-owned ramen restaurant in San Antonio, Texas

https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/asian-owned-businesses-say-theyre-reeling-from-hate-and-violence-operating-in-fear “We don’t have a peace of mind to sleep,” said Rosaline Hui, a retail store owner in the Jade District and owner and editor of the Portland Chinese Times newspaper. “The first time it happens to you, maybe you feel it’s so scary. The second time and third time and fourth time, what do… Read more »

Aunt speaks out after niece attacked on SEPTA train: ‘She did the right thing’

https://6abc.com/septa-police-philly-train-assault-video-broad-street-line-race-relations/11253759/ High School student demonstrates courage — An Asian American Central High School student was brutally beaten while defending four young Asian American students during a recent attack on a Philadelphia subway train on November 17. The victim’s aunt, Mei Lu, says her niece was defending four ninth-grade boys she didn’t even know.” Kicked multiple… Read more »