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NSC was started in response to a report about the drastic rise of anti-Asian violence (AAV) in 2021, as part of the #StopAsianHate movement. We use the term AAV to put the focus on violence, rather than hate. The violence experienced by Asian people in America is not necessarily limited to hateful incidents.

Justice for Roques Community Celebration

December 17, 2022: Community Event to Celebrate and Reaffirm Commitment to Win Justice for Roques! On a holiday season afternoon at The Robinson S.P.A.C.E. in historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles, participants and supporters of the #JusticeForRoques campaign came together to share stories, lessons and fun to support the Roque family in their effort to win justice… Read more »

Donate to Community Safety Efforts Today!

Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) is part of a national, volunteer neighborhood safety walks effort to mitigate the damage being caused by still-rising anti-Asian violence. Personal safety alarms, pepper spray, personal hygiene items for un-housed neighbors, self-defense trainings, “how to report hate crimes” booklets, miscellaneous printing and publicity expenses…these things cost money. We are in the… Read more »

Justice for Jaxon Sales: Demand SF Police & SF Medical Examiner Investigate Jaxon’s Sales Death

Jaxon Sales 1

Please sign and share the petition: In a case that sounds eerily similar to the Ed Buck case in Los Angeles that resulted in the death of Gemmel Moore in Los Angeles and also the Lauren Smith Fields case in Connecticut. Oligarchy (control of government by monied interests) and white supremacy are one and… Read more »

Interview With Esther Lim, Creator of “How to Report a Hate Crime” Booklets

NSC is a proud distributor of Esther’s booklets in multiple languages, which are handed out during our safety walks in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Version in Khmer and Arabic are on their way! Thanks to for posting this interview. Hear Esther talk about the genesis of her informational booklets in multiple languages: Visit the… Read more »

Win Justice for Christian Hall!

On December 30, supporters of Justice for Christian Hall and all victims of police violence joined together in cities across the country to honor the life of Christian Hall, who was killed while holding his hands up by PA State Troopers in Stroudsburg, PA. It was the one-year anniversary of his killing, Dec. 30, 2020,… Read more »

Restaurant to donate all proceeds to waiter shot in Las Vegas robbery

From AsAmNews, posted By Randall December 25, 2021 The discussion around such horrific acts of violence must be placed in the context of widespread economic strife which encourages desperate acts. There can never be an excuse for the killing of innocent civilians, but we cannot move society forward without being cognizant of the historic… Read more »

Justice for Christian Hall and All Victims of Police Violence!

4PM Dec. 30, Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles Justice for Christian Hall and all victims of police violence! Join us in cities across the country for a rally and vigil in honor of the life of Christian Hall, who was killed by police officers with his hands up in Stroudsburg, PA. In solidarity with… Read more »

Corporate Media Continues to Promote Anti-Asian Violence U.S. Conservative Talk Show Host Openly Calls for a Genocide of Chinese People “We need a military full of Type A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls” The 6 year campaign since 2015 to dehumanize Chinese people has finally worked. We are all numb at this point to the… Read more »