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Fil-Am photojournalist goes from observer of anti-Asian attacks to survivor

nicanor and julienne arriola

Help an elderly Filipino couple recover from a racist attack On February 1, Nicanor and Julienne Arriola were brutally attacked in front of the California State Capitol by a man who then fled in a getaway car driven by an accomplice. Because of their severe wounds, including Nicanor’s six broken ribs and Julienne’s injured knees,… Read more »

Leslie Kong tricolor

Everyone knows Bob Marley, and millions know of Jimmy Cliff, but far fewer know about Leslie Kong, the Chinese Jamaican recording engineer and producer who really helped create the 1960s ska, rocksteady, and reggae sound. Kong and Cliff teamed up to form Beverly’s record label. Cliff was the first artist, and also acted as an… Read more »

Justice for Jaxon Sales: Demand SF Police & SF Medical Examiner Investigate Jaxon’s Sales Death

Jaxon Sales 1

Please sign and share the petition: In a case that sounds eerily similar to the Ed Buck case in Los Angeles that resulted in the death of Gemmel Moore in Los Angeles and also the Lauren Smith Fields case in Connecticut. Oligarchy (control of government by monied interests) and white supremacy are one and… Read more »

Justice for Christian Hall and All Victims of Police Violence!

4PM Dec. 30, Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles Justice for Christian Hall and all victims of police violence! Join us in cities across the country for a rally and vigil in honor of the life of Christian Hall, who was killed by police officers with his hands up in Stroudsburg, PA. In solidarity with… Read more »

“How to Report a Hate Crime” Booklets by Esther Lim Since the launch of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC), we have been distributing Esther Lim’s wonderful booklet to residents, street vendors, unhoused neighbors and small business people throughout Koreatown. Other community safety groups similar to NSC across the country have been doing the same. Please donate so that Esther can keep producing these informative, multilingual… Read more »