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Koreatown assault victim terrified – suspect released within hours of arrest

This incident occurred within the neighborhood walk perimeter of covered by Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC). Seniors have asked NSC to walk the area. Story: https://abc7.com/koreatown-attack-asian-man-assaulted-hate-crimes-lapd/11113356/ KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A 70-year-old Asian American man who was violently attacked in Koreatown is afraid his assailant could target him again after the suspect was released just… Read more »

Interacting with Street Vendors

Street vendors are frequent victims of crime. Neighborhood Safety Companions share safety equipment and information with local street vendors during their safety walks.

Koreatown Community Safety Walks

NSC volunteers interact with the full diversity of people that walk the sidewalks in Koreatown. We distribute information, personal hygiene and safety supplies, and hold conversations about how to create alternatives for building community safety and how we might better protect each other from violence.

“How to Report a Hate Crime” Booklets by Esther Lim

https://www.hatecrimebook.com/ Since the launch of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC), we have been distributing Esther Lim’s wonderful booklet to residents, street vendors, unhoused neighbors and small business people throughout Koreatown. Other community safety groups similar to NSC across the country have been doing the same. Please donate so that Esther can keep producing these informative, multilingual… Read more »

Supporting our Seniors

Much of the Anti-Asian violence sweeping the U.S. has been targeting Asian elders. NSC makes an extra effort to reach out to seniors in the community as well as supporting various senior fights such as against rising rents and evictions. NSC members support the fight for healthcare reform for all, but also bilingual/bi-cultural senior care,… Read more »

ABC 7: Koreatown residents escorted by volunteers to help keep them safe amid spike in anti-Asian attacks

KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — In light of numerous recent attacks on Asian Americans across the nation, a group of local volunteers is helping Koreatown residents by offering safety and companionship if they need to go out. Organizers call them Neighborhood Safety Companions, keeping a watchful eye on the community while doing their part to… Read more »

France 24 Coverage of NSC

France 24 Coverage of NSC

By: Pierrick LEURENT | Valérie DEFERT | Ryan Thompson Last month’s deadly shooting in the US city of Atlanta has put the spotlight on anti-Asian hate crimes across the country. Six Asian American women were among the eight victims. Since the start of the pandemic, these incidents have been on the rise and in some cases, their frequency… Read more »

Volunteers strive to make Koreatown residents feel safe during rise in hate crimes against Asians

By KCAL/KCBS Staff Posted Apr 2, 2021 KOREATOWN (CBSLA) – In an effort to curb a rise in hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans, volunteers offered safety and companionship to residents of Koreatown Thursday. The Koreatown Neighborhood Safety Companions group, along with the Progressive Asian Network For Action and community volunteers gathered at Kenmore Avenue and… Read more »

A thread of Asian American Resistance

Valerie Soe on Twitter started a great thread about the history of Asian American resistance to racist violence in the U.S. It’s worth a read: https://twitter.com/vsoe/status/1372218813735837697