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The NSC senior outreach program to local affordable housing projects.

NSC visits another senior home in Koreatown

NSC members were able to meet with over 60 seniors in Koreatown on Saturday, February 11, to share ideas about community safety and basic self-defense. A big thanks to Mr. Huh for doing the translation labor for NSC members unable to speak Korean! There are several senior housing facilities in Koreatown, many of which are… Read more »

NSC Working with Seniors to Fight Anti-Asian Violence in Koreatown

On Friday November 5, NSC members visited with seniors at Wilshire Towers in Koreatown, Los Angeles to distribute safety supplies, including pepper spray, whistles. Educational material about how to report hate crimes and other personal supplies were also handed out. Many of the mostly Asian seniors living in this senior home stated that they have… Read more »

Supporting our Seniors

Much of the Anti-Asian violence sweeping the U.S. has been targeting Asian elders. NSC makes an extra effort to reach out to seniors in the community as well as supporting various senior fights such as against rising rents and evictions. NSC members support the fight for healthcare reform for all, but also bilingual/bi-cultural senior care,… Read more »