Donate to Community Safety Efforts Today!

Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC) is part of a national, volunteer neighborhood safety walks effort to mitigate the damage being caused by still-rising anti-Asian violence.

Personal safety alarms, pepper spray, personal hygiene items for un-housed neighbors, self-defense trainings, “how to report hate crimes” booklets, miscellaneous printing and publicity expenses…these things cost money. We are in the early stages of building a campaign to gain Federal and State funding to support our efforts and those of our partner safety walks allies, but in the meantime, we must rely on the generous donations from caring people. In a recent poll conducted by Asian Youth Center and Asian Americans for Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, the majority of respondents indicated that safety walks were the most desired action they wanted to see more of. To this end we have just launched a new donations site to support the NSC work!

Please consider making a donation and share this new fundraising page:
NEW! Donation site to support the community safety work of Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC)
NSC distributing "How to Report a Hate Crime" booklets