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News related to Anti-Asian Violence, the Asian-American community, seniors, AAPI society, and solidarity actions. This is an umbrella category for timely events that intersect with more specific categories.

‘We’re Not Really Safe Anywhere’: Survey Reveals Asian Residents In The San Gabriel Valley Are Shaken By Racism

Vigil for Atlanta Massacre Victims, San Gabriel Valley By  Josie Huang Published Jan 12, 2022 The San Gabriel Valley has one of the highest concentrations of Asian residents in the country. But for some, a sense of safety in numbers was eroded by a flare-up of racist incidents during the pandemic, a new survey indicates. About one-third of 284 respondents said either they or… Read more »

Attack on Sikh cab driver in NY in suspected hate crime

AsAmNewsPosted By Randall January 8, 2022 Unfortunately, there are no indications of Anti-Asian violence subsiding in 2022. Neighborhood Safety Companions and other community safety forces must keep working to meet the challenges of sustaining our work and lobbying for mass education of the ignorant public brainwashed by white supremacy.

Asian-owned businesses say they’re reeling from hate and violence, operating in fear

Asian American-owned ramen restaurant in San Antonio, Texas “We don’t have a peace of mind to sleep,” said Rosaline Hui, a retail store owner in the Jade District and owner and editor of the Portland Chinese Times newspaper. “The first time it happens to you, maybe you feel it’s so scary. The second time and third time and fourth time, what do… Read more »

A year after police killed Christian Hall, his parents continue calls for accountability 

Christian Hall, an Asian American adoptee, was shot by Pennsylvania State Police troopers. His parents are pushing for a new investigation and more mental health resources. Members of Neighborhood Safety Companions support the campaign for justice for Christian Hall. See this post for more information and ways to take action: Or, go directly… Read more »

Restaurant to donate all proceeds to waiter shot in Las Vegas robbery

From AsAmNews, posted By Randall December 25, 2021 The discussion around such horrific acts of violence must be placed in the context of widespread economic strife which encourages desperate acts. There can never be an excuse for the killing of innocent civilians, but we cannot move society forward without being cognizant of the historic… Read more »

New Chinese American Mayor of Boston Subjected to COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racism From AsAmNews, posted By Louis Chan December 23, 2021 “I will say, I’ve seen my face photoshopped on all sorts of images. There’s constant calls associating me with the same hateful, racist, xenophobic language that the former president used in describing the virus and its origins and who was to blame,” she said. Wu… Read more »

Justice for Christian Hall and All Victims of Police Violence!

4PM Dec. 30, Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles Justice for Christian Hall and all victims of police violence! Join us in cities across the country for a rally and vigil in honor of the life of Christian Hall, who was killed by police officers with his hands up in Stroudsburg, PA. In solidarity with… Read more »

Elderly Asian man assaulted in hate attack in San Diego

Police in San Diego announced they’ve launched a hate crime investigation into an assault on an 81-year-old Asian American man. Mark Sonouvong is recovering at Scripps Mercy Hospital. From, posted By Randall December 20, 2021 A GoFundMe Account has been set up to support the family: “Mr. Sanouvong is an 81 year old… Read more »