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NSC visits another senior home in Koreatown

NSC members were able to meet with over 60 seniors in Koreatown on Saturday, February 11, to share ideas about community safety and basic self-defense. A big thanks to Mr. Huh for doing the translation labor for NSC members unable to speak Korean! There are several senior housing facilities in Koreatown, many of which are… Read more »

Opponents of Anti-Asian violence must fight for mental health and housing reform

Jirajariyawetch attack in NYC Subway cropped

The case of attack on model Bew Jirajariyawetch raises questions about why violent schizophrenics are not receiving supervised treatment and housing for the benefit of all Thai model in a NYC subway station survives a violent attack on January 20, but questions “why nothing has changed.” 61-year-old homeless attacker, Martial Simon is identified as a… Read more »