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Justice for Roques Community Celebration

December 17, 2022: Community Event to Celebrate and Reaffirm Commitment to Win Justice for Roques! On a holiday season afternoon at The Robinson S.P.A.C.E. in historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles, participants and supporters of the #JusticeForRoques campaign came together to share stories, lessons and fun to support the Roque family in their effort to win justice… Read more »

LA Times Column: A Search for Answers to Anti-Asian Violence

Frank Shyong, March 22, 2022 William Yu, 46, is healing from the multiple stab wounds he suffered in Chinatown earlier this month at the hands of a random attacker. But the incident has already left scars on the way that he and his family see themselves, said his brother David. Now he cannot stop thinking… Read more »

State and Federal Funding Should Be Directed Towards Victims and Families and Community Safety Efforts

Asian American coverage on NBC News

The existing infrastructure primarily supports already over-bloated policing budgets and post-facto “research” about reporting. Victims of hate crimes violence and their families should not have to rely upon Go Fund Me pages to pay for medical expenses. Volunteer forces working to build community-based safety efforts should not have to rely on out-of-pocket donations alone to… Read more »

Elderly Asian man assaulted in hate attack in San Diego

Police in San Diego announced they’ve launched a hate crime investigation into an assault on an 81-year-old Asian American man. Mark Sonouvong is recovering at Scripps Mercy Hospital. https://asamnews.com/2021/12/20/elderly-asian-man-assaulted-in-hate-attack-in-san-diego/ From AsAmNews.com, posted By Randall December 20, 2021 A GoFundMe Account has been set up to support the family: “Mr. Sanouvong is an 81 year old… Read more »

Koreatown assault victim terrified – suspect released within hours of arrest

This incident occurred within the neighborhood walk perimeter of covered by Neighborhood Safety Companions (NSC). Seniors have asked NSC to walk the area. Story: https://abc7.com/koreatown-attack-asian-man-assaulted-hate-crimes-lapd/11113356/ KOREATOWN, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A 70-year-old Asian American man who was violently attacked in Koreatown is afraid his assailant could target him again after the suspect was released just… Read more »