NSC visits another senior home in Koreatown

NSC members were able to meet with over 60 seniors in Koreatown on Saturday, February 11, to share ideas about community safety and basic self-defense.

A big thanks to Mr. Huh for doing the translation labor for NSC members unable to speak Korean! There are several senior housing facilities in Koreatown, many of which are Section 8. Unfortunately, when NSC visits with the seniors and asks them whether they have had to endure racist hate crimes, the answer is always in the affirmative, but the incidents are never reported. It’s not that hard to understand why not – imagine the language barrier, first of all. Then, who exactly are you supposed to call? If you don’t have means to overcome these two barriers right away, it’s not going to be reported.

The seniors were friendly, warm and gracious. It was moving to be in their presence, look into their eyes to confirm their complete awareness of the dangers we face today, just for walking on the sidewalk.

We must all work together to protect our elders! None of them can walk freely as human beings right now. This is why we are having a solidarity event on February 16. The lives we are trying to save our real. They are our own friends, neighbors, family members and loved ones. Maybe, even, ourselves.

NSC is continuing to distribute Esther Lim’s “How to Report a Hate Crime” booklets in multiple languages.