Corporate Media Continues to Promote Anti-Asian Violence

U.S. Conservative Talk Show Host Openly Calls for a Genocide of Chinese People

“We need a military full of Type A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls”

The 6 year campaign since 2015 to dehumanize Chinese people has finally worked. We are all numb at this point to the mainstream media’s anti-China news headlines and drivel. Now political commentators, including psychopathic neo-fascist talk show hosts such as Jesse Kelly have free reign to say whatever they want to without any significant backlash. Why? Because it is politically correct to hate China and Chinese people. According to the west, Chinese people deserves to die because CCP, Wuhan virus, social credit system, Tiananmen square, Tibet, Xinijang, Uyghers, etc. This endless stream of western propaganda (caricatures) has literally made the environment safe for bigots, especially incelish white conservative males to peddle their “let’s nuke China” rhetoric, as if China does not have nuclear weapons of their own.