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Gong Lum v. Rice, 1927

Nicole Hannah Jones was on an NBC program, and a clip from it went viral: Some people wondered what she was talking about. The Mississippi case is the second well known Chinese school integration case, Gong Lum v. Rice.

Mass Shootings in the United States

What are we going to do about this culture of violence? Lunar New Year celebrations were derailed by gun violence on January 22 and 23 in California. As if our own communities have already not been dealing with enough trauma due to anti-Asian racism and violence already. Mentally unstable males in our own communities having… Read more »

Remembering Joseph Ileto – Victim of White Supremacist Murder in 1999

White supremacist who had gone on a rampage to kill Jews gunned down a Filipino American postal worker On August 10, 1999, Joseph Ileto died after being shot nine times moments after agreeing to deliver a letter for the man who killed him. Buford O’Neal Furrow, Jr. started the day opening fire with a semi-automatic… Read more »

Living Legacies from the 1969 Occupation of Alcatraz

By MARY UYEMATSU KAO January 29, 2022 Rafu Shimpo Japanese Americans were imprisoned in concentration camps by the U.S. governement in 1942 and stripped of their Constitutional Rights. Many of these camps were set up on indigenous tribal reservations against the wishes of those reservations. Regardless, there is a long history of solidarity between Japanese… Read more »

Remembering Vincent Chin and the Deep Roots of anti-Asian Violence

Like with Chin’s killing, recent anti-Asian hate crimes reflect a willingness to conflate individual Asian people and US tensions with Asian countries. As Americans — including politicians — looked for someone to hold responsible for Covid-19, Asian Americans were targeted given the virus’s origins in China. And since the US is now locked in economic competition with China, experts anticipate that anti-Asian sentiment will endure.

Wisconsin school board members dismissed book about Japanese American incarceration as being ‘unbalanced,’ parents say

White Supremacist attacks on teaching U.S. history continue June 30, 2022, 11:26 AM PDT By Kimmy Yam Parents are pushing back after a committee whose members sit on a Wisconsin school board did not move forward with approving a book about Japanese American incarceration during World War II for a sophomore English literature class. Muskego-Norway… Read more »

“Who Killed Vincent Chin?” Screening and Panel Discussion

July 14, 6:30-8:30PM: Join us at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, LA, to commemorate 40 years since the murder of Vincent Chin. FREE RSVP:

LA Times Column: A Search for Answers to Anti-Asian Violence

Frank Shyong, March 22, 2022 William Yu, 46, is healing from the multiple stab wounds he suffered in Chinatown earlier this month at the hands of a random attacker. But the incident has already left scars on the way that he and his family see themselves, said his brother David. Now he cannot stop thinking… Read more »