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One Year After the Atlanta Spa Massacre

Anti-Asian Violence continues to rise, and support funds have yet to reach most of the victims. Community safety efforts need financing. The country has failed to address the systemic causes of the violence. NSC will honor the victims by advocating for these things and will continuing doing community safety work. “A year later, Atlanta remembers… Read more »

Asian Justice Rally: A National Day of Remembrance & Action

In honor of Asian America victims of racist violence, and marking one year from the day Vicha Ratanapakdee died after being attacked in San Francisco, “Asian Justice Rallies” were held on Sunday, January 30 in multiple cities across the U.S. Asian Americans continue to stand up against the tide of violent attacks. More coverage here:… Read more »

The LA Artist Behind The Viral #StopAsianHate Portraits Wishes He Never Needed To Draw Another One

AAV Victims Art on NYC Billboard

LAist By  Josie Huang Published Jan 24, 2022 2:08 PM https://laist.com/news/stopasianhate-artist-viral-la-jonathan-chang-pandemic-attacks-asians Jonathan Chang has drawn enough portraits of Asians attacked during the pandemic that he has a whole system down. As soon as he decides to spotlight a case, he fires up Photoshop and studies the image of the victim used in news reports. Within a… Read more »

66-year-old woman attacked in Oakland Chinatown speaks out

Ms. Tse Surveillance Cam screenshot

AsAmNews Posted By RandallJanuary 24, 2022 Dion Lim of KGO ABC 7 in Oakland was able to get in touch with the senior seen on camera earlier this month who was shoved to the ground from behind by a cowardly thug in Oakland’s Chinatown. Videos from multiple angles show a woman who only wanted to… Read more »

Attack on Sikh cab driver in NY in suspected hate crime

AsAmNewsPosted By Randall January 8, 2022 https://asamnews.com/2022/01/08/unidentified-man-attacks-sikh-cab-driver-at-jfk-airport/ Unfortunately, there are no indications of Anti-Asian violence subsiding in 2022. Neighborhood Safety Companions and other community safety forces must keep working to meet the challenges of sustaining our work and lobbying for mass education of the ignorant public brainwashed by white supremacy.