KtownForAll Releases 2021 Los Angeles City Council Report Card

KtownForAll-Report Card


Presenting the first annual Ktown For All Councilmember Report Card.

“Our goal in evaluating the performance of city councilmembers is to educate the public and provide useful information about how LA city government works (or doesn’t). We hope to continue this project, tracking councilmembers’ records over time, and using the data to hold politicians accountable. We hope the Report Card will be educational and engaging – provoking discussion and bringing new people into the complicated, wonky, sometimes overwhelming and intimidating, world of local politics and policy.”

Please study this report as it is directly related to the work that Neighborhood Safety Companions is doing on the streets of Koreatown! https://ktownforall.org/reportcard/

KtownForAll-Report Card