Public Officials and Organizations Distance Themselves from James Mai

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What was controversial about James Mai?

Alleged hateful statements toward South Asians from the founder of “AAPI United” come to light.

Public officials and organizations pulled out of AAPI United’s “Unite for Progress”, an event to bring attention to anti-Asian hate, and part of a larger general #StopAsianHate movement, after they learned of screenshots showing a major sponsor allegedly making statements in a chat with Mary Cameron (also known as LoveCameron), a South Asian person, about vandalizing an Indian restaurant with cow’s blood.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, LA vs. Hate, Cerritos Mayor Chuong Vo and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, are among the people who declined to participate in the “Unite for Progress” event, which was sponsored by James Mai, founder of AAPI United and an At-Large Commissioner for County Housing and Community Development. The resource fair was slated to take place on Saturday, September 24 at Don Knabe Park.

220924 Anti-Hate Event Cerritos


Supervisor Janice Hahn pulls out of Cerritos Anti-Hate event. They also stated that Janice Hahn was not siding with LoveCameron, who supports positions of anti-vax, MAGA, and Trump.


LA vs Hate withdrew from the Unite for Progress event.

The Orange Juice blog first reported on the screenshots allegedly reflecting Mai’s comments. The blog showed Instagram chat screenshots allegedly written by Mai, claiming he vandalized an Indian restaurant.

The woman who received the messages is Indian, and showed them to Hindu groups. She alleges that in retaliation, Mai doxxed her, although her personal information is protected by the Safe at Home Registry, which is for people who are fleeing abusive situations.

“LA vs. Hate is a program dedicated to inclusion for all county residents and we do not support hate, bias motivated hostility, or violence,” wrote members of LA vs. Hate, in a written statement.

A member of LA vs Hate responded that Hahn invited the group to be on the planning committee of United for Progress and there was no indication of any problems during meetings. But when news broke about Mai’s messages, LA County Human Relations Commission leadership decided to withdraw its participation.

More here, including screenshots of a chat allegedly by Mai recounting his “retaliation” against the Hindu store owners: