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Interview With Esther Lim, Creator of “How to Report a Hate Crime” Booklets

NSC is a proud distributor of Esther’s booklets in multiple languages, which are handed out during our safety walks in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Version in Khmer and Arabic are on their way! Thanks to for posting this interview. Hear Esther talk about the genesis of her informational booklets in multiple languages: Visit the… Read more »

Anti-Asian Violence is a Healthcare Inequality Issue

Victims of Anti-Asian violence should not have to rely upon GoFundMe to get the healthcare they need to survive an a racist attack If everyone had adequate health insurance coverage like in several Asian countries (Taiwan, South Korea), families of victims of Anti-Asian Violence wouldn’t have to rely upon GoFundMe pages to pay for the… Read more »

The Worst Lynching in CA History was in Chinatown, LA

1871 Massacre - Support Ethnic Studies

One of the bloodiest nights in Los Angeles history took place 150 years ago, on October 24, 1871, when at least 18 Chinese (about 10 percent of L.A.’s Chinese population at the time) were slaughtered by an angry mob of Angelenos. Why does almost no one know about it today?

Winning Safety Without Racist Policing

Abolition for the People The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons

Antioch Chinatown Memorialized

In 2021 the city of Antioch, a small city on the San Joaquin-Sacramento River that empties into the San Francisco Bay, remembered the sad history of it’s relationship with Chinese people in the 1800s. Like many cities across the West, Antioch had a Chinatown. Chinese men had come to America as contract labor, to work… Read more »

A thread of Asian American Resistance

Valerie Soe on Twitter started a great thread about the history of Asian American resistance to racist violence in the U.S. It’s worth a read: