Music for Asian American Love and Pride

Various genre of musics to promote joy and true self identity among Asian Americans

We’re leaning towards original, unapologetic Asian stuff here, our OWN songs and sounds, not covers or emulations of other people’s stuff. Submit to: safetywalks-dot-org-at-gmail-dot-com

Michelle Yeoh Finally Got Her Deserved Recognition.
What about Leslie Kong?

It it weren’t for Leslie Kong, the Jamaican Chinese recording engineer, producer and songwriter, Reggae and Ska might not be the popular music forms they are today. Recognizing important Asian cultural figures is important in combatting the notion that Asians are not deserving of human rights, such as safety from racist physical violence.

Read a little about Leslie Kong and sign a petition to have him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


Nikkei Music Reclamation Project (NMRP)

The Nikkei Music Reclamation Project seeks to reverse the path of forced-assimilation that Japanese American musicians have been subjected to, by encouraging Japanese American (Nikkei) musicians to explore their rich cultural roots and legacy as connected to their unique experiences.

Nikkei Music Reclamation Project

Three emerging Japanese American musicians premiere new music that re-imagines and resounds with the politics and echoes of our historic Japantowns. Mentored by legendary musicians and activists, Niall, Sara, and Shin continue a musical legacy of resistance and joy. Last June, they performed original compositions, some of which were directly addressing or responding to acts of anti-Asian violence.

Proud Vietnamese American Melione rappin her song against anti-Asian hate in Chinatown Los Angeles on May 21, 2022. @VH1Melione

Yamz delivering his song about the struggles of being a pinoy immigrant to the U.S.A. at a rally against anti-Asian violence in Chinatown, Los Angeles, acknowledging the 1871 massacre of Chinese, bringing together new activists from NY, Oakland and Southern CA. @_chef_yamz_

A Korean Adoptee Song About Her Birthday to Her Birth Mother

The Linda Lindas – “Racist, Sexist Boy”

“Summer’s Smile” by LosAKAtombros

O.G. Japanese American Quartet from the Crenshaw District

Hansori – Korean Drums and Percussion from U.C. Irvine

Performing at a program about winning healthcare for everybody at Immanuel Presbytarian Church in Koreatown