LA County Posts Largest Number Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Since 2001

By  Josie Huang
Published Oct 21, 2021 2:59 PM

From this report, Huang notes that in 2020:

* Three-quarters of the crimes involved physical violence, compared to 58 percent two years earlier. 

* In instances where a suspect was identified, 42% were white, followed by Latinos at 36% and African Americans at 19%. The commission says this is significant to note “because nationally there has been speculation that African Americans were most frequently suspects in anti-Asian crimes.” 

* The share of female victims rose from 29% to 41%. In 2020, female victims tripled from five to 15.  

* The median age of victims rose from 30 to 41. Victims included two senior citizens and two minors, ages 11 and 12.

* 45% of the hate crimes took place in L.A., with a “significant cluster” in the South Bay.

To view the 2020 anti-Asian Hate Crime Report, RIGHT-click here to download the PDF. The larger LA County’s annual Hate Crime Report, to include all reported hate crimes in LA County, will be released in November.