Update on the Book Club reading Black Reconstruction

The Black Reconstruction Reading Group is a project by NSC to read WEB DuBois’ Black Reconstruction in America.

Why is an Asian American group reading Black history? Because WEB DuBois, as a sociologist, as an organizer for civil rights, as a pan-Africanist, and scholar of racism, invented what would become Ethnic Studies in the United States.

The project creates notes for each chapter, and meets via audio/video chat to discuss once a week. We also produce a meme series based on the notes.

We are currently on chapter 6 of the book, and there’s a bit over 10 more chapter to read.

People are invited to join at any time. You don’t need to read the book to listen to the discussion, and hang out after the call to chitchat about the subjects covered.

The notes and memes are an easy way to “catch up” to the group, or simply to learn about the book before undertaking your own reading.

Part of the Black Reconstruction Reading Group.