Anti-Asian Violence is a Healthcare Inequality Issue

Victims of Anti-Asian violence should not have to rely upon GoFundMe to get the healthcare they need to survive an a racist attack

YaoPanMa Stabbing Victim GoFundMe

If everyone had adequate health insurance coverage like in several Asian countries (Taiwan, South Korea), families of victims of Anti-Asian Violence wouldn’t have to rely upon GoFundMe pages to pay for the healthcare that the victims need!

Nearly 30 million people in the U.S. have NO healthcare insurance coverage. Approximately 70 million are under-insured. In California, there are 3.2 million without health insurance, including 1.3 million undocumented workers, including many Asian Americans. Why should Asian American families be having to pay MORE for healthcare due to racist violence?

Healthcare disparities faced by Asian Americans is a form of Anti-Asian violence. This includes a lack of bilingual/bi-cultural health services that discriminate based upon language and culture. Stand against Anti-Asian violence that manifests itself as healthcare inequality for Asian/Pacific Islander peoples and others in the U.S.

In CA, AB 1400 will guarantee healthcare to ALL, including bilingual and bi-cultural healthcare! Unlike the current MediCal and California Care coverage, it will also include dental/vision/hearing and long-term care coverage.

Take action to tell your CA Assemblymember to vote in support of AB 1400’s passage in the Assembly this January:

AB 1400 CalCare Send Letter to your Assemblymember

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